Cryptos going mainstreem!

With 1/2 Trillion dollers in crypto right now, when it was only 1/4 Trillion a few months ago, people say its a bubble…. well is it?

The answer is…. it doesn’t matter if its a bubble or not. because even if it is a bubble…. it can still be a bubble and be undervalued at the same time….

other crypto doing GREAT this week!…
Cardano/ADA anyone who bought at $0.03 like 1-2 weeks ago its at $0.59 today with more potential.
Verge/XVG a undervalued privacy coin that is going to try to compete with DASH, XMR, Zcash.
Ripple/XRP A CENTRALIZED cryptocurrency. backed by the banking infrastructure.
Litecoin/LTC wall…. people refer to litecoin as the silver to bitcoins gold… also has segwit and can propagate lightning network transactions for any coin that also has segwit(like bitcoin) also PROGRAMATICALLY litecoin should be worth 0.25 BTC. there will only be 21,000,000 bitcoin, and 84,000,000 litecoin. my opinion is litecoin under 0.1 BTC is undervalued!… HODL SUMMER 2018 because that about when the next LTC Block Halving is…


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