Like Pokemon & Bitcoin??

If you like Pokemon and Bitcoin then check out this cool Bitcoin GENERATOR!!! get FREE Pokeballs!! FREE satoshis!!! FREE daily gifts!!!! and MINI-GAMES!!!!! This is not like normal BTC faucet! It is a Generator!! It can actually generate while not having to be logged in!!! Just sign in and collect every once and a while!!! #Bitcoin #Pokemon #Faucet #BTC #Bitcoinjake09


ICN by ICONOMI has gone up some. I bought 1.5 ETH worth of ICN equaling approximately 153 ICN tokens. The current value today on my investment is about 3 ETH. #bitcoin #ETH #bitcoinjake09 #ICN

Zcash Block 10000!!!

ZCASH is surpassing block 10000!!! with a strong network solution rate of 16300544 Sol/s I have been doing my part SOLO mining since before block 2000. As of this post i have not completed a block, but hope to do so soon, if not the difficulty may increase too much for my little bit of hash power to complete a block in a feasible amount of time. If the difficulty rises to much I will join a pool, or mine a different coin. #bitcoin #mining #zcash